Agarwood Essential Oil: Essential Info To Know

Across the globe there are several flowers, plants, heartwood of trees that are extracted to bring out its healing essential oil and mesmeric fragrance ranges. Such a rare, precious natural source of the essential oil is agarwood. Agarwood is also known as gaharu, oudh, aloeswood, etc. The resinous heartwood of the agarwood tree has been used in extracting the precious essential oil. Native to Middle East Asia and South East Asia this tree (its extracts) has become popular in the Western market for its alluring fragrance. This is one of the rare and most expensive essential oils that are used globally. Leading perfume designer chains have launched their own branded agarwood perfumes.

Know about Agarwood Oil

The agarwood essential oil trickles from the heartwood of the tree. There are several popular species of the tree found and a few particular types include aquilaria agallocha, aquilaria crassna and aquilaria malaccensis. These are used to produce the oil. Agarwood, also known as Oud is found in wild in Arab Countries, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines etc. Because of the rarity and legendary of the oil extract in various religions it is really costly and it is particularly desired by numerous people as is believed to be the most potent amorous essential oil

In the wild, the formations of the resin like substance in the heartwood of agarwood tree takes several years. The older the resin becomes, the quality and price increases. Due to the high demand of this luxurious essential oudh oil now the producers can’t depend on the wildly grown trees only. Therefore, the agarwood trees are cultivated these days and infected artificially. As much as the tree is infected with fungus, it starts oozing more resinous substance. Originally the healthy trees are pale colored but when they are infected severely, as a responsive method the tree oozes dark and exceptionally sweet-smelling, fragrant resin called oleoresin. From this particular resin agarwood essential oil is taken out.

A Few Less Known Facts

Most of the people who use or hope to use the very precious essential oil, know a very little or even nothing about it. Here are some of the lesser known religious connections of this oil.

• Agarwood has various uses in different religions, like among Orthodox Muslims it is used as sterilizer.

• Buddhists call it the ‘scent of Nirvana’.

• Among Christians agarwood incense sticks are burned during religious ceremonies.

• Among Hindus it is known as a divine tree which has the ability to fulfill human aspiration and it has extensive mention in Hindu Puranas as a choice of Lord Krishna.