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    Transcribing Services And Uses

    By / November 15, 2016

    Ever heard of what exactly is transcribing? In short we can say that it is the act of converting speech, either live or recorded, into a written format like in a written document or electronic document. Therefore, any business or company which offers transcribing services does just what is explained above.

    In the early days, transcription was a very difficult job. The lack of any proper and reliable method of storing audio and video was the major reason for this, and secretaries at that time had to transcribe everything by hand. But as with many other business sectors, technological advancements made quite substantial changes in the transcription business. The extent of this impact has been so large that it has become one of the fastest growing service industries in some countries. It is quite a good opportunity for many retired people, college students and people searching for some money, and many transcribers may offer to give typing services as well.

    Nowadays there are many companies and individuals offering transcription services of any imaginable kind. Listed below are some of the more common ones:

    • Legal Transcription – One of the more important transcription companies are those involved with legal transcription. Being tasked with such important and delicate matter, most of these companies uphold excellent standards and provide quality services.

    • Interview Transcription – These include and are not limited to job interviews, celebrity interviews, business interviews and so on. In an interview, a transcript can be more useful than audio or video when it is required to find specific information. Having a written copy of the interview facilitates that, since searching for the required information on a videotape or similar record can be quite troublesome.

    • Medical Transcription – This is yet another important sector that requires reliable transcription services. Nowadays, doctors need not only treat and provide care for their patients, but they also need to keep proper documentation about the patient, including his status and medical history. A medical record is often extremely important in case of severe diseases and can aid in diagnosis and proper treatment. A proper medical transcription company often has the duty of producing quality transcripts of such records, and any individual working under them must have not only advanced skills in transcription, but also a good knowledge of the medical field, including any technical terms he or she may come across.

    • General Business Transcription – Most businesses, especially large-scale ones, need transcription services for many of their functions. Some examples are transcription of interviews, meetings, conferences, presentations and speeches. They also need regular transcripts for important documents.

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